Bubble Jacket: Past & Present

23 10, 2015

The humble Bubble Jacket crosses many boundaries including practicality and social. Its the choice of many from the rugged adventurer conquering cold dangerous locations, big celebrity names and city delinquents and gentleman. how exactly has this style of jacket prevailed and become common sight within so many different social classes and geographical locations? 

But What is a Bubble Jacket i hear you say? Well its lightweight, preferability made from a durable ripstop fabric and filled with some kind of insulation, hopefully duck down known for its light weight and incredible ability to give us this warm cozy sensation that we all desire and is essential for cold weather adventuring. Many feature Elastic bindings to keep out icy draughts, that send shivers up your spine. Now that that is covered lets move on shall we.

When people think of the history of these style of jackets big brands such as The North Face and Canada Goose spring to mind. This shouldn't be surprising as both are so steeped in privileged history, with design and innovation at the forefront of their manifestos. Brands like these have been helping the boldest and bravest explorers in modern history, to reach higher peaks that thought humanly possible. Obviously such designs to battle the elements weren't cheap and eventually caught the attention of fashion forward individuals wanting to own a piece of the heritage that these jackets gained.

O' the 90's what a glorious decade, it was an era of underground cultures surfacing and poking its ugly head into the mainstream, from gritty guitars to luscious sample filled Hip-Hop, anyway enough of me floating down the cozy river of nostalgia. lets start with a question, what comes to mind when i say New York City Hip-Hop in the 90's? well if your anything like me (lets hope not) . You can see the dimly lit grimy streets, big Timberland boots and of course an obligatory Bubble Jacket. Inset any picture of a rapper ever. Lets pick the most Notorious Mr Notorious B.I.G. Well just because.

I'll just let that image sink in. Now, moving on. Hip-Hop is a multi faceted monster that spewed it self into mainstream conscience, not always pleasing the social status quo of the times. with its content going from rhymes about social, economical and political issues to rapping about Murder, violence, booty and bling sometimes in the same song or even sentence, those rascals. This is where the Bubble jacket fits in, not only was it worn for its prapticality to counteract the harsh New York City winter; but they became a symbol and an image of the world they lived in and people tried to emulate this world, creating a growing consumption of all things Hip-Hop. This lead to an explosion of and globalisation of an intially underground community. Making its mark forever in popular culture and still influencing fashion of Modern times.

3. Now onto the modern day the mid 2010's (that sounds so weird to say), the Bubble jacket remains strong. The Fashion world has taken its bionic arm and twisted and moulded it into something that is accessible to everyone, in every style and at every price point. Its every where you look, the country gentleman, the city gentleman, city youths, delinquents  and celebrities it seem as though this jacket has penetrated every aspect of our society. No longer are there core brands delivering essential active outdoor wear, but also fashionable brands such as Farah and Fila. These brands offer a sleeker, fitted more modern fashionable design to appeal to the style sensibilities of todays world, available in a myriad of different styles and hues of colour, to suit any one and everyone. I think its safe to say that the future of this jacket is certain and it will stay with us for a very long time.




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