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My enduring Nike Blazers...

30 09, 2012


Now I call them enduring for two reasons, one: they suffer my feet almost everyday due to my absolute need to wear them everyday and two: because even with my constant wear, they still are just as beautiful as the first day I excitedly laced them up on the steps of Notra…(just kidding)..the shop steps of The Priory Menswear in the pretty little seaside town I call my home, Bridlington. 


I can honestly say that since my embarrassing Kappa shiny tracksuit years (you all did it!)…I haven’t been much of a trainer girl since. But when these came in store, I undoubtedly had to buy a pair. Due to the last few years of my wardrobe being sans-trainers, I was a little worried as to what they would go with, however, with many a singer bigging up the bright lipsticks and dresses/trainers combo…I am really quite impressed which just how much they actually go with. 

The Nikes boast a classic style mid-cut profile with padded collar, which give great support and therefore don’t painfully rub the back of the ankle that so many high tops and ankle boots so annoyingly do. 


The scalloped detail on the front of the foot may not be for everyone, but it is only attached to the lace and therefore is removable. I however, love this detail. It’s a subtle salute to my childhood days of going along with my Dad when he played golf. Another subtle but lovely detail, just to remind everyone they are a in the womenswear department, is the little starlets around the front and back. I have the Seaweed blazers and the detail isn’t quite as noticeable as on the Bordeaux, this happens to work better for me as I’m not an overly starry, glittery person, but if you are, I guess you’d be more likely to opt for the brighter colour anyway.


Overall, the Blazers have been a great buy, they’re durable, they keep my feet dry in the coming winter months and they look even better with wear…but most of all, they’re a genuinely cool shoe that actually offers comfort too…I most definitely do not possess any other shoe that does both…it’s either slippers or 6” heels otherwise…Thanks Nike.

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