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Jansport 2013...

22 06, 2013

 Starting out in 1967, Jansport aimed to create a brand that offered versatility and fashion, to offer something different to the market and most importantly, create a brand that not only proudly partakes in the Fair Labour Association, supports individuals and organisations in making a better result for all. 

To this day, Janpsort remain a market leader in the bag industry, providing apparel for a walk in the park to climbing the World's mountains. However, their recent move, in leaving Europe, has created the inevitable 'wanting what you can't have' amongst their European customers; and who could blame them with this Summers Collection. With a mix of the big and small, colourful, durable and functional, this years collection is not one to miss. 

Soo...we didn't.

We, The Priory Menswear, managed to get our hands on a large selection of this Season's bags, making us one of the very few places Europeans can get their hands on Jansport's latest creations, without a trip to the states of course...

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