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02 10, 2013

Fred Perry has released a new clothing collection inspired by Northern Soul music, entitled Twisted Wheel. The range takes its name from the famed Manchester nightclub that became an emblem of the Northern Soul movement. The mod heritage of the Northern Soul movement gives Fred Perry an opportunity to explore the fashion of this subculture whilst retaining its own signature look.

The Twisted Wheel collection takes advantage of the ties between early Northern Soul and mod culture to produce a range of recognisably Fred Perry pieces with a twist. Polo shirts, Harrington jackets, scarves and gingham check shirts are all present, cementing the mod influence. A rose print pattern is also frequently used – originally the symbol of Lancashire, the rose was adopted as the emblem of the legendary Northern Soul club. Alongside these pieces, a broad striped t-shirt is featured, perhaps as homage to the Twisted Wheel club’s origins in beat culture.

What sets this collection apart from Fred Perry’s usual lines is the use of patches, with clothing embroidered with the Northern Soul slogan ‘Keep the Faith’, as well as the Twisted Wheel and Fred Perry emblems. Closely linked with the Northern Soul subculture, the patches give the appearance of a customised garment, helping set the pieces apart from the crowd and giving them a personal touch.

In line with this approach and aesthetic, a selection of pins are also available, offering the opportunity to further customise the garments or to add a little touch of Northern Soul to any piece in your current wardrobe.

Overall, Fred Perry’s Twisted Wheel collection offers a glimpse of one of the many subcultures that embraced the brand throughout the 1960s and 1970s. The use of patches creates an interesting spin on Fred Perry’s iconic styles – whether you choose to wear several items in an overtly Northern Soul-influenced look or simply select an accessory or bag to add a novel touch to your signature style

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