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No jeans can be called ‘the Real Deal’ without the delicate yet durable stitching.
The rendering of the silhouette down to a millimeter and the unique sewing is achieved by the expert skills and sensibility of our craftsmen.
EDWIN’s fine sewing technology begins with the development of special sewing machines and uses up to 13 types of threads for each part that is sewn. Washing 

Created by EDWIN, ‘Washing’ is now a world standard in the denim industry, and is indispensable in adding style to jeans.
EDWIN has been leading the world in developing innovative washing processes for making jeans from the ‘One Washed’ in the early 60s to the ‘Old Washed’ in 1975 and the ‘Stone Washed’ in the 80′s. Traceability 

The code number printed on the inside care label is the quality certificate of EDWIN jeans.
By using a unique production lot number system, all jeans can be traced ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘who’ and ‘how’ through its production process.
By establishing the complete traceability system through its production process, not only can it prove no harmful substances have been used, but it can also prove that the environment for the manufacturing staff is safe and that safety and humans right are ensured.


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Thought it woludn’t to give it a shot. I was right.

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