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10 09, 2013

We all know the cold is coming, I for one can feel it right now. This is the first day it has been even slightly cold and rainy since i started in this beautiful establishment, but we as "PURVEYOR OF QUALITY CLOTHING" have the answer as always we are current and up to date with all the top clobber and with brands like Edwin, Carhartt, Libertine-Libertine and obviously many more we have everything you could want and need in the Winter department and as I'm in the shop 24/7 i have (like anyone would) tried every piece of cothing on, and let me tell you the quality of this gear is unreal... take the Libertine-Libertine Hunter Shirt Ecru for instance this is a perfect item for a winters night out or could be used for any smart occasion, it hangs slightly low so looks perfect with a pair of skinny's nice thin but warm fleece material. Its so soft and i can not begin to explain how incredibly cool it is, words can not express it and if you don't believe come and try one on I'll put my annual wage on it that you buy one.. 

Libertine-Libertine Hunter Shirt BlackLibertine-Libertine Hunter Shirt Ecru

Also the timeless classic from Carhartt the Chore Coat, this is perfect for this weather right now...

Carhartt Chore Coat Labor Blue RigidCarhartt Chore Coat Bottle Green Rigid

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