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Kestin Hare - Brand Focus

30 03, 2017 1 Comment

Deriving from the rougher climates of Edinburgh, Scotland, creator Kestin Hare had the essential surroundings and inspiration for his work. With previous experience at Reiss, and also as Nigel Cabourn’s head designer, Kestin had amassed vital skills that have developed over time to make his talent in the industry a powerhouse statement from Scotland’s very own. Using his time in the industry, he has managed to accumulate an array of minimalistic pieces with contemporary cuts and refined details - setting an example for British fashion with the brand’s unique aesthetic. 

With the introduction of the their new Spring/Summer collection, they have focused on Scotland's heritage of coastal styles; a direct influence from Kestin’s Summer road trips along the northern shores of Scotland - also known as the North Coast 500. With this season’s collection, they combat lightweight, versatile layering pieces to respond to the unpredictable weather. The use of a sun-bleached and washed-out colour palette perfectly showcases the trademark style of the brand, as well as the ambience from the locations in mind; accompanied by mineral prints to further reiterate the concept behind the line. 

The core of Kestin Hare is essentially that the manufacturing stays as local as possible, staying true to traditional methods and supporting surrounding areas with organically rich clothing. Providing a unique aesthetic that adopts the styles of staple pieces, and updating them for modern detailing to deviate from peers - while retaining the vision that Kestin himself consistently portrays.


Kestin Hare Newton Grandad Shirt - White Blue

Kestin Hare Thuro Vest - French Navy


Kestin Hare Black Isle Shirt - French Navy

Kestin Hare Hallin T-Shirt - White


Kestin Hare Ullapool Shirt - White Blue


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Stephen Wilson
Stephen Wilson

30 03, 2017

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