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Barney & Taylor

The Barney & Taylor brand is a statement, nay a badge of honour for gentleman who know style and demand the highest quality. With it comes a guarantee, one of premium quality leather and design that has been proved to stand the test of time. All of Barney & Taylor jackets and accessories draw upon iconic designs from some of the most pivotal eras in human history. Their look, feel and fit are enriched and developed with the passage of time. Meaning that once you put them on you'll never want to take them off and as a result the exquisite hand made leather will take on the patina of your life. These are garments that will travel with you on your journeys and voyages throughout your life and become the essence of who you are. Barney & Taylor are one of, if not the oldest family-owned leather brand in the UK. Their leather is legendary, carefully crafted and finished by the hands of seasoned leather artisans, all to their exacting high standards.