Mansour Farah studied shirt design and manufacturing in New York City and a small factory was set up in a shop in El Paso's 'Apache legion' originally producing blue chambray shirts for 35 cents. Eventually Farah converted production from civilian clothing into army khaki combat pants, fatigues and uniforms, garnering a prestigious army-navy E award, a most impressive feat. William Farah was intent on maintaining quality in all Farah products. As a result he kept all aspects of the business american, from employing american citizens, to keeping american suppliers and even insisting that it was only sold in the USA. In the 70s farah scaled the heights of becoming one of the top selling trouser brands in the uk. Disaffected british youth adopted a uniform of functional utilitarian product and re-appropriated them for themselves; this product had little imbued meaning beyond its function and could therefore be recast in the image of the prevailing sub cultures of the day such as skinheads, mods, and stickmen.