Fred Perry

It all began in the late 1940's when Tibby Wegner met Fred Perry with an idea. Success began by them starting with producing the very first sweatband for tennis players all over Britain. A staple piece was then created (the M3) that adopted the traditional tennis style, sparking the trailblazer story of Fred Perry. Tennis stars across the globe started sporting the trademark style and quality from the brand, further developing their reputation and solidifying their slot in athletic garments. With the introduction of their twin tipped polo (M3), a new narrative began for subcultures throughout the U.K. as the youth endorsed Fred Perry as a uniform - such cultures tied music and fashion tightly, resulting in an unintentional correlation between the brand and music. Members of bands that belonged to certain groups, started wearing the trademark pieces from the band - resulting in mass takeover of youth style through every decade since. The brand now holds a permanent spot in the industry as a pioneer of traditional, British style that incorporated athletic heritage. 


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