Johnstons Of Elgin

Johnstons Of Elgin is Scotland's second oldest, family run business - as it was founded in 1797, the brand now holds a long succession line that originates from the founding father of the brand, Alexander Johnston. In 1851, the brand was making movements with pioneering innovation of weaving cashmere and vicuna in Scotland; further reiterating the brand's capabilities and mind set to evolve. Four generations of the Johnston family ran the business, which later transitioned to the Harrison family - operating the business from 1920 to modern day. As they entered the 1960's, Johnstons received appraisal and attention from leading fashion journalists of the time, including Vogue and the Sunday Times. This was due to their design and production of fine cashmere and woollen accessories. In 1981, Johnstons opened their first retail store in Elgin, an establishment that has been visited by members of the royal family throughout the years. The brand is now cemented in the history of knitwear and Scottish garments, as their reputable name has been deservedly been earned.