About us:


The Priory started with three guys, a love of the coolest brands and some know-how. Born out of a small fishing town on the east coast of Yorkshire and named after the towns former place of pilgrimage, Bridlington's Priory Church the foundations were set.

Offering some of the most credible brands on the market today from the Carhartt's workwear roots, Edwin's post World War 2 beginnings to Fred Perry's Championship winning heritage or Obey's street art inception. We want to bring the Men & Women who buy from us a level of high quality clothing that won't grow tired or stale in a market saturated by fads and the latest look.

We're a dedicated group of individuals who are driven to provide the best level of customer service possible. We're not drones and we don't read from a script but we all care deeply about our business. We all have our own tastes, opinions and bad habits but we're not a suit and we don't aspire to be. 


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