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Converse Brand Guide

11 mg


John Edward “Jack” Purcell what can be said about this glorious man, oh yeah I know a good one how about he was declared the world Badminton champion in 1933, not bad I hear you say.

Unbeaten until his retirement in 1944, that's six years at the top, no easy feat! Not content with sitting on his laurels he saw it fit to design a sports shoe so good it was worthy to be worn on his own two feet.

"a piece of
vintage fashion."


His driving force behind this new sneaker was that it had to provide all the necessary grip, be light and of course be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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The shoes were affectionately nicknamed 'Smilies', due to their signature smile across the toe of the shoe.

Jack Purcells are still insanely popular today, still appealing to people looking for a sporty and athletic shoe; but also to people looking for a piece of vintage fashion.