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Deus Ex Machina Brand Guide

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Deus Ex Machina burst into Australia's cultural consciousness in 2006. The company's history begins with the journey and adventure of customizing motorcycles, with the line that doing something is more fun that just owning something.

Deus Ex Machina, which translates as (god from the machine), is one good example of a new breed of brand, a group of like minded people with passion, determination and idea's they believe in.

"a new breed of brand."


Not a corporate machine utilising sweat shops and pumping out greasy toxins into the atmosphere. Oh no.

Deus originate from the Australian surf/motorcyle world (they even build their own special custom bikes and surf boards).

012 62 22 8 285


They hold a worldview that's expressed through the store's wares, environment, events, and social outreach. Deus now deals with creating premium-crafted clothing for the casual gentleman who enjoys an active adventure lifestyle or for people who just want to look good.