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Levis Skate Brand Guide

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For over 30 years skateboarders have worn Levi's denim, that's a fact all you have to do is look at photos of the past and it’s right there.

There is a sub-sect of Levi's which takes a collection of classic styles and focuses on superior construction, durability and comfort.

"a piece of
vintage fashion."


Levi's Skate branch runs on the motto 'Strong Made Stronger' and that's what they have stuck to with this newer branch of premium clothing. Designed with extreme sports such as skating in mind, they have made their clothes extra strong to deal with the brutal hardships that are entailed with such a hectic and hardwearing lifestyle.

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With details such as more durable threads, stretchable fabric made from a Cordura (Lycra blended Denim for strength), stretch and wear resistance-adding reinforcement where it is needed. They have bar tracks, which are a series of close-set stitches that zigzag and rivets in vital stress points, all to create a pair of jeans that won't let you down. Featuring such timeless design classics such as the 511, 513 and 504, there's sure to be a pair to fit and suit everyone of every age, sex and size.