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TCSS Brand Guide

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The Critical Slide Society was started in September 2009 by Jim Mitchell & Sam Coombes. Where you ask? In the vast great open lands of Australia, the east coast to be specific.

Influenced by their surroundings, the sunshine, the endless deserts, Aboriginals, coral reefs, strange marsupial creatures and of course the surfing culture this land is famed for.

"lively and full of colour"


As the name and birthplace suggests the clothes created by T.C.S.S are fun, bright, lively and full of colour with a sense of humour, so not to look out of place at the beach on a fun filled summers day.

012 62 22 8 285


Over the past few years they've worked as a small team with a number of contributors from across the globe to build the brand from the sand up.

Developing a society of people conected through surf, fashion, art and most importantly, a good sense of humour.