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The supermarket... where the tinned cans, processed foods, and frozen pizzas reside.

A place that becomes a parallel universe when it is stripped down, leaving remnants of what was full of life.

A unnerving ambience left over from fluorescent lights, abandoned tills, and empty fridges.

Post-supermarket times has resulted in the inhabitance of artwork from local artists, offering a sense of new beginnings with blossoming life in the form of a more organic decor.

This is something we couldn’t ignore and felt obligated to display through some nonchalant shots of a very much tranquil space… Almost like a void that hasn’t been replenished with new life after the end of its initial use.

The remains can’t be compared to much else that I can think of, but it comes close to a dystopian future that ironically reminds me of Pulp’s - Common People video.

I know that sounds strange, but I guess it’s the aspect of a detached reality. I’m sure there’s a name for it, when you see something that is changed completely from what you know it as and it causes discomfort - like when you see a spider that’s abnormally large.

After our time mincing about with stock, going back and forth from a camper van, we found the day went well.

We saw what our local supermarket looks like behind the scenes in a more 'post-apocalyptic' environment; and of course, got some decent photos for you patients to indulge yourselves in.

*Mic Muffles*

"Can the Priory come to checkout 3 please"