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The Priory X Real Aid


To give a little back this Christmas we've teamed up with Real Aid to try help those in need by offering a flat 10% extra discount off anything in-store when you bring in £5.00 worth of tinned or packaged food. The essentials. 


This will end on close of play the 23rd of December. If you'd like to make a donation but can't come in please contact us and we'll send you to the right person.


Here's a little a little bit about the charity from Lindsay Killick.


"The Real Aid food redistribution project was founded in 2009 after Real Aid was involved in the disaster management and victim relief campaign of 2007's devestating floods in the East Riding of Yorkshire. During this relief effort we were shocked at the levels of poverty we found people living in, here in our home county. Having worked in Africa and Eastern Europe since 2001 (when Real Aid was founded) we weren't prepared for poverty of such extremes in the U.K and decided to make a change. 

The aims of the food project are to help low income working families who are marginilised and/or vulnerable with food parcels and to help with the issue of food waste by diverting it away from landfill.


We launched the foodbank at our Quay road charity shop in April 2013 and were the first to do so for working families in the town. Since the start we have seen many different people and heard many stories and reasons from people as to their attendance at foodbank. As long as there is demand for our service we shall continue to support people in need. 


Last year we foodbank project was featured in the New York Times and the Guardian please see these links 


New York Times


The Guardian - Food Bank Britain "



Happy Christmas!


The Priory