American Trench Mil Spec Socks - Black


American Trench started with humble beginnings in 2012, with a desire to provide the premium quality items that they knew were possible. The Mil Spec sock consists of anti-microbial silver filament yarn, that's sewn into the toe, heel, and sole. The use of silver is due to its known properties that kill bacteria and promote moisture migration; these two factors make this item a technological innovation in the industry. Allowing prolonged use without discomfort, while maintaining good hygiene. Accompanied by a compression band on the foot and additional arch support, that help maintain placement on your foot and ensure comfort; taking the design beyond military spec. Overall, resulting in a product that is durable against the strain of physically demanding activity, provides premium support and comfort unlike anything seen before, and incorporates innovative technology that retains the cleanliness of the sock.

  • 68% Cotton / 24% Nylon / 4% Spandex / 4% Anti-Microbial Silver
  • Heavy Duty Knit
  • One Size
  • Cushioned Sole
  • Compression Band on Foot 
  • Elasticated Cuffs
  • Stretches Over Calf
  • Black
  • Made In The U.S.A