Asics Gel Lyte III 'Triple' - Black


The Gel Lyte III by Asics, one of the most notorious runners of all runners, since it's conception back in 1989. White as white can be coming, triple black in fact, a layered cake of shades. The Gel Lyte III took runners to a different level, eradicating the problem of your damn tongue slipping down the sides of your shoes, whilst all looking extra funky. Another initiative upgrade, was the Gel insoles, providing extra soft comfort, that’s also really cool, you’ve actually got gel in your trainers, that’s the future right there. Additional comfort is provided with padding throughout, whilst helping lock your foot in place for better performance. Whilst you elegantly gallop around, good old mesh tickles your feet with fresh air. An EVA midsole helps with extra spongy shock resistance, whilst shaped rubber provides traction & durability. Oh, and don't forget a the touches of 3m! Who doesn't love 3m? Nobody! Finished with iconic Asics branding throughout.

Made from leather, and coming in Triple Black.