Fracap Scarponchino Suede Natural Vibram Sole Boots - Beige


The M120 Scarponcini boots by Fracap, hand crafted by the Italian gods, using traditional processes that provide a unique character to every shoe, these processes which have been handed down for the past three generations. Ideal for everything, from smart wear, to galloping up mountain like the majestical goat you are. They feature a boot shape of course, with the iconic hiker lace up design, using stud D-eyelets that provide a very sturdy build, with rounded laces. Of course fully lined with deliciously soft Suede, it's like putting your foot into warm caramel, which I imagine would feel pretty good, and it'll only get better with wear, as well as providing support for those feet you wield. Incorporating a moreflex Vibram sole unit, and i'm sure if you're interested in any of the finest boots such these beasts, you must of heard of the notorious Vibram, these sole units provide plenty of flexibility that provide plenty of traction on a multitude of surfaces, aiming to spread the weight out whilst adding in spongy support. Finished with Fracap embossed to the collar.

Made from a Suede upper, and coming in Beige with Natural Vibram sole unit. 

While these shoes look as though they are hiking boots they are not actually designed to withstand the heavy amount of stress hiking and mud involves, nor are they 100% waterproof and they do not come with a lifetime guarantee. However if taken care of these hand crafted leather boots will certainly last a long time.