Mephisto Rainbow Heritage Trainers - Chestnut


The Rainbow by Mephisto, this isn't actually a rainbow, but it's as good as you'll get to owning something as beautiful. Just celebrating 50 years of this fantastic and original shoe, it still flows with intelligent creativity to this day. To begin with, this lace-up shoe has the metal D-eyelets throughout, combined with the anti-slipping tongue allows you to lace-up these shoe rapidly with ease, honestly, i've never tied a pair of laces so quick, faster than the human eye. The collar allows free movement in the ankle, as light padding encase the foot for responsiveness. The insole is the innovative soft-air technology, using natural elastic which has pores of air which ensures loftiness and essential comfort. Raised at the heel to prevent any pressure to the spine and so fort her. This insole is then topped with leather, which is soft, and only gets soft with time. To keep them cool, even though they are already ridiculously cool, perforations and the natural materials ensure pleasant foot climate. A rugged outsole composing of latex ensures plenty of long lasting durability and traction in all terrain, a lovely blend between a trainer and boot in my opinion. Finished with Mephisto subtle however eye-catching side stitching and discrete tab branding. 

Made from genuine leather, thank you. Coming in Chestnut.

- Made in France.